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          Published on 4/28/2020 additional information available

          USA Profit Club Horse Racing Tipster Review 2020

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          Discover How To Make £560.84 Profit in Just 4 Days On The Horses! 

          USA Profit ClubIf you’re looking for a steady stream of winners and profits from the horse racing then check out the US racing.

          If you need a tipster to help you out, Simon at the USA Profit Club can help.

          He’s been betting on the US racing for over a year and has been making a regular profit doing so.

          He’s even got an offer at the minute which will give you membership until the UK racing returns.

          Read what he says:

          Hi… I’m Simon Pettit and I run the USA Profit Club.

          This is a daily horse racing tipster service that covers all the daily racing across the USA from Gulfstream in Florida to Santa Anita Park in California and everywhere in between.

          The principal is simple.

          Look for winners!

          No messing around with parlays or other complicated approaches.

          Just straight simple win tips where when our pick wins, we bank a profit.

          This approach has enabled us to make profit every month so far in 2020 and through 2019 we only had 2 months that ended in a loss.

          Here’s a breakdown of the profits we made month by month over last year and into 2020, it also shows the number of winners and bets placed each month.

          As you can see we had 10 winning months from 12 in 2019 and even with these losing months we still cleared over 300pts profit with a total of 321.76pts based on 1pt per bet betting. All this means is that we stake the exact same amount on each bet. Its an easy way to show you would you could have made per bet if you’d bet with us all year.

          £1 per bet would have made you £321.76
          £5 per bet would have made you £1,608.80

          I bet at £20 per bet and made a nice tax free sum of £6,435.20 from my betting last year.

          We have more losers than winners but due to never backing odds on and getting winners which produce a value return when they do win we managed to make this profit by hitting just under 3 wins from every 10 bets we place.

          The average bets per month is just over 115, which means the average daily number is around 4.

          This will depend on the racing taking place each day but you will get between 1-6 bets per day.

          In 2020 so far every month has made profit and we’ve already bagged 82 winners and made just short of 80pts profit, ot my £20 bets thats a profit of over £1,500 so far this year.

          21 winners from the 13th April to the 26th April from 51 bets.

          A win rate of 41.1% over the last 2 weeks with a profit of £805.41

          Total for all of April so far is 32 wins from 99 bets, 32% win rate and a profit of £952.73

          More About The Service

          This service is for serious punters. If you’re looking to turn a £10 bet into £1,000’s in one day then this service is not for you. This is a proven approach to making long term profits from the horse racing in the USA.

          Expect to win an average of 3 bets in 10, expect good days but also poor days with no winners.

          The service runs daily with bets sent via email between midday and 3pm UK time. Racing in the USA usually starts after 5pm UK time and runs into the early hours of the morning.

          Most importantly – This service will make you profit!

          All you need to do is follow the advice on a daily basis.  86.7% of the time you will end in profit at the end of each month.

          This really is a completely RISK FREE opportunity.

          What are you waiting for?

          Sign Up and Start your winning with USA Profit Club TODAY!

          Click Here To Join USA Profit Club NOW!


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