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          Retired and living with MS. 

          I was forceed into early retirement at the age of 52 in 2005 becaise of my MS.

          In 1988 I started to have problems with my vision and was searching for an answer.

          In the early years after 2000 I started having problems walking. I was still searching for an answer to my health issues. I wans't getting any answers from my doctor. In fact, I think he just ignored me. I found out that I might get an answer if I had an MRI of my brain. I insisted on getting the MRI.

          When my doctor got the results he gave me a call to come in to discuss the results. When I met with him he told me it was either a brain tumor or MS. He didn't think it was either one but set up an appointment for me to see a Neurologist. I went to see the Neurologist and we looked at the brain scan together. He was showing me all the lesions in the brain and said I've had Primaty Progressive MS for about 20 years. I never had any attacts like those with Relapsing Remittig MS which is why it took so long for me to be diagnosed.

          At first I was devistated, but then I was relieved to finally have an answer to my health problem.

          I thought I there was nothing I could do and I would just have to live with it. Anybody that really knows me knows that I wouldn't be happy with that and would keep searching for an answer to my problem.

          I never gave up my search for an anser. And then in late 2018 I heard about CBD oil. I did some research and found out there isn't any standard when it comes to CBD oil. I invesiegatrf different companies to find one with independent lab test results, I found one and have been very happy with their CBD products. They have one product that is called 10X Pure. It is CBDA. View this video to see what makes it so much better than CBD.

          I am very happy with CTFO. Take a look at their products and business opportunity

          I am a Team Leader in Virtual Downline Builder.

          We help people build downlines using a simple to use system that makes it easy for you to build your downline.

          Let me help YOU to build YOUR downline.